Veronika Novikova, a homemaker from Donetsk, expressed her viewpoint on the plans of the Ukrainian authorities to deport the people of Donbass.

“Zelensky outdid himself with his statement to the German media outlet Der Spiegel that all supporters of Russia must be driven out of Donbass. Does he even realize that then he will have to drive out virtually everyone?!

Although, given the leaked plan for deportation of the people of Donbass, which is signed by the secretary of the National Security and Defense Council, Danilov, this totally cynical statement runs alongside the general policy of Kiev.

But what other plans of Danilov imply (he announced as many as five of them!), one can only guess. By the way, it has already become known that Zelensky himself approved all those plans officially.

Though, it is clear that the Ukrainian government won’t plan anything good to us a priori. And the confirmation of that is yet another misanthropic idea of Kiev about private remand prisons. It’s been bad enough already that they want to massively arrest all the disloyal residents of Donbass, but they also want to make us pay for our imprisonment!

But they won’t succeed, we won’t let the Kiev enslavers in here and we can defend our right to live in our homeland,” Veronika Novikova claimed.