Today, on December 6, Solovyanenko Donetsk State Academic Opera and Ballet Theater hosted a solemn ceremony, during which they summed up the results of the Russian Language Year in the Donetsk People’s Republic. According to a correspondent of the Republic’s Official Website, Head of the DPR Denis Pushilin addressed the audience with a welcoming speech.

“Dear friends,

We all know what kind of treasure we all have — the Russian language. We do not just know, we consciously value this treasure, we are proud of it, we defend it as our dear inheritance, we protect and preserve this centuries-old heritage of our ancestors.

Donbass has always been Russian, and rose up when they tried to impose foreign ideology and culture on us. We defended our mother tongue. We have succeeded, but at a high price.

In order to learn Russian better, to instill in the younger generation the comprehension of its richness, respect for its greatness and love for its beauty, we declared 2019 the Russian Language Year.

It was marked by a large number of multi-format events that brought together tens of thousands of people. The Total Spelling Test and the Donetsk Spelling Test, campaigns, festivals, contests, research-to-practice conferences, the days of Russian and patriotic films — in total, more than 70 large-scale events have been held in cities, towns and districts of the Republic, in which about 80 thousand people took part, not only the residents of our country, but also guests from other countries.

I consider it absolutely logical to sum up the results of the Russian Language Year with a proposal to introduce amendments to the DPR Constitution, according to which Russian shall be the only state language of our country.

Thank you, dear friends, for the great work done this year. I am sure that after it passes, achievements in the popularization of the Russian language, its preservation and development will continue. After all, our life will depend on how clean, precise, bright and rich it is. I wish all of us further success in understanding the wisdom and power of our native Russian language!” Denis Pushilin said.

For the preservation and development of Russian as a national heritage and an integral part of the spiritual and cultural heritage, the Head of the Donetsk People’s Republic presented letters of gratitude to the staffs of Donetsk National University, Solovyanenko Donetsk State Academic Opera and Ballet Theater, Brovun Donetsk State Music and Drama Theater, Donetsk State Academic Philharmonic Society, Honored State Academic Song and Dance Ensemble Donbass, Krupskaya Donetsk Republic Universal Research Library, Kirov Donetsk Republic Library for Children, Republic House of Folk Art and Cinema and others.

Note that 2019 was declared the Russian Language Year by Decree of Head of the DPR Denis Pushilin. During the year, all cities and towns of the Republic without exception hosted educational, cultural and educational events, various festivals and campaigns, whose main purpose was to promote the unifying values of the Russian language and culture common to all mankind.