The Donetsk People’s Republic practices 92 kinds of sports as of now. The work on the legal framework in the areas related to the Ministry’s activities was ongoing in the expiring year. The work on certifying sports facilities in the territory of our Republic was underway throughout 2019, DPR Minister of Youth, Sports and Tourism Alexander Gromakov reported during the final briefing in Donetsk on December 25.

“The work of the Ministry in 2019 was aimed at implementing state policy in youth, patriotic areas, physical education, sports and tourism. The main task for this period was to elaborate regulatory and legal acts that would ensure the work of the Ministry and give the opportunity to implement our powers in the areas of our activity,” he said.

The Minister considers the Law on Adaptive Physical Training and Sports, which was elaborated by the ministry’s specialists and adopted by the DPR People’s Council, to be one of the important governing documents. It regulates the physical training and sports of physically challenged citizens Alexander Gromakov also noted the importance of the fact that this year, Head of the DPR Denis Pushilin signed the Decree On Provisional Rules of Procedure of Public Sports and Physical Training Organizations, which enabled all sports organizations of our Republic to work according to official regulations. The Minister informs that more than 150 such organizations have applied for the legalization of their activities to date.

The Ministry has also submitted for the DPR Government’s consideration 12 regulatory legal acts throughout the year.

At present, the ministry is working on the draft Law On Youth Policy and on the amendments to the Law On Physical Education and Sports due to the current situation and today’s realities.

The Ministry continues certifying existing sports facilities in our Republic, it specifies their number, checks their condition and discusses priority measures for their improvement, if necessary.

“Eight sports facilities affiliated with the Ministry of Youth, Sports and Tourism have been accredited by the state. The last of such facilities, literally two months ago, in whose relation the State Property Fund made the decision, was Oleg Koshevoy Health Camp in Novoazovsk. It came under the jurisdiction of our Republic College of Olympic Reserve. We hope that through joint efforts we will carry out repair work there and leading athletes of the Republic will start their training and health improvement there by May,” Alexander Gromakov noted.

In 2019, the swimming pool in the Dinamo Sports Palace of Donetsk was renovated. It had not worked for the last eight years.

“With the support from Head of the Republic Denis Pushilin and the assistance of the Government of the Republic, we managed to overhaul this swimming pool. Our athletes will start to train there as of tomorrow,” the Minister of Youth, Sports and Tourism informed.

According to him, the Donetsk People’s Republic practices 92 sports at present, 34 of them are Olympic.

“The residents of the Republic have a very wide range of opportunities to fulfil their potential in sports. Our children’s and youth sports schools, of which there are 54 today, are engaged primarily in Olympic sports. More than 23 thousand children and teenagers train there. Professional coaches give classes to them. More than 1,700 such coaches work in our Republic,” Alexander Gromakov said.