The improvement of the living standards of the Republic’s citizens is a quite expected result of our young state’ development, DPR People’s Council deputy Vladislav Berdichevsky stated.

“Despite economic hardships and martial law, the Donetsk People’s Republic continues to build up its economic and industrial potential. In the fall of 2019, the International Investment Forum in Donetsk demonstrated the attractiveness of our region for foreign investors and business representatives. All this positively affects the welfare of the Republic’s residents.

The minimum pension in the DPR is already higher than that in Ukraine, and according to Denis Pushilin, by 2022 the amount of pension payments and wages to employees in various spheres will reach the figures for the Rostov region of the Russian Federation. There is no other way. Donbass has always been famous for its working capacity and tenacity, now are continuing our efforts to build our State. I am sure that our journey is just beginning in this regard,” Vladislav Berdichevsky said.