A press conference of two former political prisoners from Odessa Denis Khitrov and Valery Pikalov, who were released from Ukrainian captivity in September 2019, was held as part of the presentation of the autobiographical book “90 Days of Captivity” by Donetsk journalist Eelena Blokha. The book is dedicated to the author’s imprisonment by the SBU in 2014, a correspondent of the Official Website of the Donetsk People’s Republic reported today, on January 14.

“Until March 2017, I was a regular officer of the Ukrainian armed forces. Then I was charged with high treason, espionage. After a six-month investigation by the SBU, I was sent to Odessa, where I was until August 2019,” Denis Khitrov told.

At the same time, the former political prisoners especially appreciated the help and support that state authorities and the nation of the Donetsk People’s Republic have provided and continue rendering to them.

“A little time has passed since we gained freedom and arrived in Donetsk. We were settled, comfortable conditions were arranged, we obtained DPR passports within the shortest possible time. Now we are going to move on, blend in society,” Denis Khitrov commented.

“Donetsk welcomed us warmly, cordially. They have helped and continue helping us in every possible way, people are ready to share with us all what they have,” Valery Pikalov confirmed.