Today, on January 14, Donetsk hosted the presentation of the autobiographical book “Ninety Days of Captivity” by Donetsk journalist Elena Blokha. According to a correspondent of the Official Website of the Donetsk People’s Republic, the book is based on the events that happened in the initial period of the formation of our Republic in 2014, as well as on the personal experiences of the heroine.

“It is a great honor for me that my friends and colleagues have gathered here,” Elena Blokha said. “The story of this book is very hard. “Ninety Days of Captivity”, this title speaks for itself. It is a political prisoner’s diary. In 2014, I was taken prisoner by the SBU. I was in the infamous “Library” at the Mariupol airport, in the pre-trial detention center on Lukyanovka in Kiev and other places. There were interrogations, but there were unique encounters as well. As a journalist, I was keeping track of everything that happens. And this work helped me survive all the trials. But this book is not only about me, it is also about those people who supported me and who now continue to fight the Ukrainian fascism.”

Natalya Chernetskaya, the founder of Edit, a Donetsk publishing company, noted that the work on this book had been serious and hard.

“The entire staff of the publishing company focused on the information, empathizing and taking its pain to heart. We haven’t had such a book before,” she said.

During the presentation, Elena Blokha promised to get two copies of the book to Head of the Donetsk People’s Republic Denis Pushilin, who personally took part in releasing this autobiographical work to the public.