Zelensky pursues Poroshenko’s policy of destroying monuments, which proves his being Russophobic and rewriting his own history, DPR People’s Council deputy Kirill Makarov stated.

“Kakhovka Mayor Andrei Dyachenko has received a letter from the National Remembrance Institute, containing the order to “de-communize” the legendary Kakhovka monuments — Tachanka and Girl in Overcoat. According to this agency, these objects symbolize the “communist totalitarian regime” and are to be dismantled within a month. In response to this, Andrei Dyachenko decided to fight the system as he believes that these monuments are symbols of the city, its historical memory, which cannot be dismantled. He wrote about this on his account in one of the social networks.

The decision to dismantle Tachanka was made by the new Head of the National Remembrance Institute, recently appointed to this position by the President of Ukraine. This battle against windmills, inherited by Mr. Zelensky and his team from their predecessors, only shows that the course set by Kiev for Russophobia and rewriting their own history is gaining momentum.

I could wish the Kakhovka Mayor good luck in the struggle against the regime, but I’m afraid that this story will end the same way as it happened with the bas-relief sculpture of Marshal Zhukov, which was vandalized by Ukrainian nationalists in Odessa,” Kirill Makarov said.