The new Ukrainian government headed by Zelensky once again manifested an unexampled “adherence to principles” — Ukraine is returning to PACE. Having realized that Europe did not respond in any way to the theatrical slam to the door, apparently, because it did not appreciate such a “significant” loss, Kiev’s offical government intends to dismally ask to come back, chief administrator of Gornyatsky District of Makeyevka Olesya Osatyuk claims.

“Zelensky should already have realized that international politics is not a show or a booth where such tricks could work out, but the creative experience of the jester president cannot produce anything other than theatrics and farce. Since the “tragedy” was not appreciated, apparently, we should now expect a “comedy” from the Ukrainian delegation.

However, the parliamentarians will return with the same theses and attitudes, supposedly to counteract Russia, so they are unlikely to be able to demonstrate something brand new.

It should be added that the West is categorically tired of the “Ukrainian issue” and sees the implementation of the Minsk Agreements by Kiev as the only and non-alternative way to resolve the conflict in the territory of Donbass. And sometimes it seems that even Zelensky understands this, but the tragedy of the situation lies in his utter helplessness and lack of will, and also incompetence and weakness,” Olesya Osatyuk said.