Ex-secretary of the Ukrainian National Security and Defense Council Alexander Turchinov claims that not only the leadership of Iran, but also of the Russian Federation, should be held accountable for the Ukrainian airliner shot down by Iran’s air defenses, head of the Donetsk Republic Public Movement’s Central Executive Committee Alexey Muratov made a comment for the DPR Official Website on January 13.

“Turchinov explained this by the fact that Teheran is a strategic partner of Moscow, which means that the latter might be involved in that. Following this logic, Ukraine, which considers itself a strategic partner of the United States, should answer to Iran for the murder of General Soleimani, as well as for all those atrocities and crimes that the US has been committing in the Middle East for many years. However, this, of course, is not even taken into account within the double standard logic that Kiev follows like its Western partners,” Alexey Muratov said.

He noted that Ukraine’s president Zelensky, according to the same inadequate logic, was not fully satisfied when the Iranian government admitted their tragic mistake. He demanded that a full and overt investigation be conducted, those responsible be held accountable, compensation be paid, official apologies be made, as well as a series of other additional demands.

In this regard, I would like to ask Zelensky, for example, about the progress in the “full and overt” investigation into the Maidan murders, maybe some of the criminals, who even are not trying to hide, have been brought to justice? And the victims of the tragedy in the Odessa House of Trade Unions, probably, have already been paid compensation? Or maybe he is ready to make an official and personal apology to the residents of Donbass, who have been killed by the Ukrainian army for six years now?

People who live in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones,” Alexey Muratov stressed.