Today, on January 16, the Ministry of Economic Development made a presentation of the scenario dynamic analysis subsystem of the DPR Food Balance system, developed by the Institute for Economic Research, the press office of the agency reports.

During the presentation, representatives of the Institute for Economic Research spoke about the practical importance of the program, the algorithm for filling and processing data, the fields of application of the received data and their impact on the strategic management of the agro-industrial complex.

Noting the importance of this product for calculating the expected characteristics of food supply, Alexey Polovyan emphasized that the Food Balance system is designed to increase the efficiency of state economic planning and will facilitate the adoption of correct and strategically important management decisions.

“The system provides an opportunity to control the level of ensuring food security, as well as to develop effective management decisions based on mathematical modelling and information technology,” Alexey Polovyan said.

In addition, the Minister emphasized that this system is of particular relevance in the context of the transition to program-targeted management.

“The state economic policy should be implemented on the basis of planning the main aggregated macroeconomic indicators, and the analysis and information Food Balance system will be consolidating such indicators. In order to make optimal management decisions, it is necessary to resort to modern IT management methods,” Alexey Polovyan said.

It is worth noting that the Food Balance system displays the route of food products from the costs of its production to final output, enables to carry out current analysis and predict the development of the situation on the food market, assess the need for imports, determine the food consumption funds and assess the level of food security.