Shortly before, former OSCE representative to the Contact Group at the Minsk talks Martin Saydik called Russia one of the parties to the conflict in Donbass and accused the republics of passing laws which do not sit well with the Ukrainian authorities. DPR People’s Council deputy Elena Shishkina commented on such a statement.

“The comment of OSCE ex-representative to the Contact group at the Minsk talks Martin Saydik regarding the conflict in Donbass is outrageous!

Despite the fact that this man, according to the rules of diplomacy, must adhere to a neutral position, he took the liberty of openly and completely unreasonably taking Kiev’s side.

Not only did he distort the whole meaning of the Minsk agreements, identifying Russia as a party to the conflict, but not a mediator which it really is, he also accused the Donbass Republics of passing laws that the Ukrainian authorities are frosty about.

Excuse me, why on earth should we consult with Kiev on our domestic policy issues? Have the Kiev authorities themselves implemented at least any point of those which they are obliged to follow in accordance with the Minsk Package of Measures? Everyone knows that the Ukrainian authorities have not, in fact, done anything at all. And until they abide by the Minsk Agreements, we will act as capable independent Republics, adopting only the laws that we need.

But, according to the available information, Saydik still has certain reasons to make such inappropriate statements, openly playing on Kiev’s side. This reason lies in the rewards that this, if I may say, diplomat receives from international lobbying funds and organizations precisely for supporting the Kiev authorities. As you can see, the answer was quite simple. I hope that the new OSCE representative will take an objective and constructive position and will not behave like her predecessor,” Elena Shishkina said.