Residents of Dokuchayevsk have drawn up claims against Ukraine, which will be transferred to the European Court of Human Rights with a demand that the damage be reimbursed, the Chairperson of the Public Commission for the Assessment of Economic Damage Caused by Ukraine, Anastasia Butorkina, reported following the Commission’s meeting results.

“Today, a regular meeting of the Commission took place, in the course of which there were considered the appeals of residents of the house at 22/1 Likholetova Street, located in the center of a densely populated quarter of Dokuchayevsk. This is about a four-story house, in which there are currently living 74 people,” Anastasia Butorkina said.

She pointed out that 19 apartments out of the 32 located in this house had received significant damage. The main supporting structures, window and door blocks, interior decoration, household appliances, electronics and furniture of apartments were damaged as a result of direct shell hits.

“According to experts, the total damage makes 10.4 million rubles. It is in this amount that the claims will be filed with the European Court of Human Rights demanding that Ukraine compensate the damage it caused to the Republic’s civilians,” Anastasia Butorkina emphasized.

As will be recalled, the Public Commission for the Assessment of Economic Damage Caused by Ukraine was established in Donetsk in early November 2019. Such a decision was made by an initiative group of DPR and LPR residents at a public meeting. The commission includes 19 persons.