Ukraine’s rhetoric has not changed even remotely after the new president’s team came to power. Five years have already passed since the signing of the second Minsk Agreements, but both under Poroshenko and Zelensky, they have been sabotaging the fulfilment of their commitments and trying to blame the Russian Federation for that, DPR People’s Council deputy Alexander Kamyshov stated.

“They failed to make Russia a party to the conflict in Donbass, but the Ukrainian side still keeps on its fruitless efforts. The statement by Defense Minister Andrey Zagorodnyuk is yet another unsuccessful attempt in that regard. Zelensky and his henchmen will not manage to ditch the responsibility either.

According to Deputy Foreign Minister of Russia Andrey Rudenko, the Normandy Four’s summit, which is scheduled for April, is at risk of disruption because of the Ukrainian side. So Zelensky will either have to fulfill his obligations or admit his diplomatic defeat. Dragging out won’t be helping forever,” the MP emphasized.