The Contact Group has started another meeting in Minsk. According to the press service of the DPR Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the issues the specialized groups considered have been brought up for discussion.

Negotiators from the security group continued working on an addendum to the Framework Decision and were discussing the options for new disengagement areas the parties proposed. They also raised a series of issues related to ensuring a stable ceasefire through additional measures on enhancing and monitoring the existing indefinite truce and the consequences of ceasefire violations by the AFU.

The new official representative of Ukraine attended the humanitarian group’s meeting today. The members were discussing problematic issues remaining unsolved after the exchange of detainees and also discussed the search for missing persons.

Negotiators from the group on economic issues continued to discuss problematic issues related to the water supply in the republics. ICRC representatives joined the discussion on some practical aspects in the problematic issues.

Legal aspects of the special status of Donbas, including the implementation of Steinmeier’s Formula into law, its enshrinement in the constitution, as well as related practical issues, were the main subjects on the political group’s agenda.