Zelensky has launched a campaign to simplify the procedure for issuing Ukrainian documents, studying the Ukrainian language and history remotely, and to increase quotas for state-financed openings in higher education establishments. Youth are the target audience of the campaign. DPR People’s Council deputy Alexander Kamyshov commented on that initiative.

“Our youth have a counter proposal to President Zelensky: may he put an end to attacks on our towns, and then take the text of the Minsk accords and once again carefully read it in order to begin to implement them consistently. That would really be a political step of a person who can stand by his word. But so far, all the initiatives from the Ukrainian president are mere words. Hostilities won’t end, the persecution of citizens in Ukraine for political reasons is going on. The economy of the country is deplorable.

Any trip across the delimitation line is a great risk for a DPR or LPR resident. The citizens of the People’s Republics, including the youth, will think it over carefully before going there. In turn, Russian citizenship opens up serious prospects for our young people, both in terms of study and career development. Moreover, we learn Ukrainian and history of our region for free anyway. But the Soviet Army in our textbooks is a liberation army, and Hitler’s followers, Bandera and Shukhevich, are criminals and murderers, no heroes of the nation. They don’t have to impose foreign values and ideas on the youth of the DPR, that would be senseless and futile,” the MP stressed.