Most likely, the leadership of Ukraine and Vladimir Zelensky are trying to divert the attention of Ukrainians and the international community from something more important, DPR People’s Council deputy Vladislav Berdichevsky commented on the recent developments in Ukraine.

“The entire world is perplexed and terrified by Ukraine’s actions. This is indeed a return to the Middle Ages. But it should be understood that even animal irrational fear of contracting a new virus is unlikely to result in such incidents.

It is well known that such riots never arise spontaneously. There are always organizers, handlers and interested parties. We remember how it was during the Maidan, we remember the protests in Vradiyevka and what we see today in Ukraine is a mirror image of those events.

As they say, if the tires are lit, someone wants this. And playing upon the fear of people who daily experience the state of Ukraine’s practically destroyed medical system is very simple. One spark was enough.

I believe that there will be several beneficiaries of these shares and a variety of powers within Ukraine will try to take advantage of the situation. I am convinced that the details will become known in the very near future.

All Ukrainians are fixed on TV screens and news sites. All the media have “evacuation riots” in the top news. Amid this rush, one can pass any laws, make personnel changes, introduce unpopular reforms — anything will remain out of the public focus. Therefore, all these protests are just the beginning. The major developments are yet to come,” Berdichevsky emphasized.