The new Foreign Minister of Ukraine has not drawn any conclusion from the negative experience of his predecessor, if he keeps insisting on absolutely meaningless scenarios detached from reality, Foreign Minister Natalya Nikonorova, the DPR envoy for the Minsk talks, stated.

“Vadim Pristaiko is again retransmitting the ideas of the ex-government, one day he rewrites the Complex of Measures, another day he deploys international peacekeeping forces in the territory of the republics. Not a single new thought. We have repeatedly stated that the republics will regard any unapproved presence of foreign armed forces as an act of aggression, which can result only in another round of escalation of the armed confrontation.

The only way to end the bloodshed is to transparently and steadily implement the Minsk Agreements, which make no mention of international peacekeeping forces. Ukraine’s Minister of Foreign Affairs should have remembered that this document contains international legal obligations of Ukraine, since it is approved by the UN Security Council’s resolution. Claiming that this act has allegedly outlived its usefulness and requires revision, Pristaiko once again gives away Ukraine’s unwillingness and inability to fulfill those obligations. If the foreign-policy establishment is headed by such people, who make every effort to undermine the implementation of the Complex of Measures, Ukraine will sooner or later incur sanctions from the international community,” Nikonorova stressed.