An armed coup took place in Kiev six years ago. DPR People’s Council deputy Elena Shishkina commented on this development and its consequences for Ukraine in an interview with a correspondent of the DPR Official Website.

“Yes, indeed, six years ago in Kiev there was held an armed coup and the Nazis illegally came to power. This resulted in six years of armed conflict, loss of life and destruction of the DPR infrastructure, transport and economic blockade, and trampling of the Russian language in Ukraine. The developments there does not appear encouraging,” Elena Shishkina said.

The DPR People’s Council deputy stressed that the Package of Measures signed at the Minsk site is a legal document binding on all parties to the Minsk Agreements, as well as on the guarantor countries.

“Unfortunately, we can see the reaction of the Russian Federation alone. This gives confidence that Russia will continue to defend the interests of the DPR residents. As for other guarantor countries — France, Germany, unfortunately, they are following the US lead and pretend they do not notice the violation of human rights by Ukraine.

However, the only way is to implement the Minsk Agreements and hold a direct dialogue with representatives of the Republics,” Elena Shishkina said.