Last Fall, the DPR hosted the International Investment Forum. Minister of Revenues and Duties Evgeny Lavrenov commented on its impact on the economy of the Republic.

“The investment forum was conducted in the Republic to show the international community our potential. It is too early to talk about its results. As part of the forum, we definitely saw the guests’ interest in investing in the DPR, consulted about and worked out the necessary steps to improve the investment climate. Now, the Government of the Republic is systematically moving towards the vector aimed at attracting investments to the state,” Evgeny Lavrenov said.

Also, the Minister noted that the DPR, as a young state, faces very big challenges. As an intermediary result of the international investment forum, Lavrenov referred to our delegation’s visit to Syria, where they presented achievements of the DPR. Lavrenov added that joint activities are already being negotiated with representatives of this country. Besides, the process of expanding the sales market of republic-made goods is ongoing.

“In order to improve the investment climate it is necessary to simplify the registration of enterprises in the DPR territory, ease the administrative burden on entrepreneurs, improve the system of banking operations and expand the sales markets. This requires large investments, but I am confident that we will achieve our goals eventually,” Evgeny Lavrenov told.