The residents of Ukraine will be celebrating Victory Day despite the bans by Kiev, that is for sure, believes Vladimir Medvedev, the Chairman of the Free Donbass Public Movement and Vice Chair of the People’s Council Committee for Criminal and Administrative Legislation.

“Statements by Zelensky and his associates suggest that they do not consider themselves successors of those who defeated Hitler’s Nazism. Foreign Minister Pristayko recently claimed that Ukraine would not celebrate May 9. Earlier, Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelenskyy accused the Soviet Union of unleashing World War II and Holocaust. Such statements suggest that the new Ukrainian government is keeping on the policy of ex-President Poroshenko, aimed at rehabilitating Nazism, and desovietization.

This political direction is unacceptable for us, we will never betray the heroic feat of our ancestors, who protected us from the Nazi plague at the cost of their lives. We will never put up an equal sign between Hitler’s Germany and the Soviet Union, and we will never let them put our veterans on a par with Nazi collaborators who were involved in committing war crimes. We will not let anyone take away Victory Day from us! I am sure that the residents of Ukraine will celebrate Victory Day despite the bans by Kiev. And Zelensky, as well as his henchmen, will have a place at the political dump, just like his predecessor Poroshenko,” Medvedev stressed.