The new government and the new Prime Minister of Ukraine are unable to reverse the political course, People’s Council deputy Vladimir Medvedev stated.

“Known for his provocative statements, which contradict the Minsk accords, Vadim Pristaiko stayed in the government and was appointed Vice Premier for European and Euro-Atlantic Integration. The odious Arsen Avakov stayed in his office as well.

But Oksana Markarova, who announced her intention to get the Ukrainian economy out of the IMF financial servitude, lost her office and was replaced by Igor Umansky. He used to serve as a non-staff advisor to ex-President Poroshenko once. On the whole, the new government will not affect the situation in Donbas anyhow, no improvement will happen anyway. As long as Zelensky and his team do not reorient themselves from the instructions of their western handlers to the interests of the Ukrainian nation, there will be no positive changes in Ukraine,” Medvedev said.