The change of Government had taken place in Ukraine, and the first meeting of the new Cabinet of Ministers has already been held. DPR People’s Council deputy Elena Shishkin commented on this fact.

“On March 4, Zelensky dismissed the entire Cabinet of Ministers, whom he himself brought to power in 2019. The President of Ukraine blamed all his mistakes and playoffs on them.

The new parliamentarians will bring no change. They will continue to impair the quality of Ukrainians’ life.

Since the turn of 2020, the economic situation in the country has sharply deteriorated, and the debt IMF has increased. And, judging by the names of the people who entered the new Cabinet, this change will bring Ukraine no good.

Any shift in the treatment of Donbass people is out of question as well, because the new Prime Minister has stated pursuing his predecessor’s course,” Elena Shishkina said.