Parliamentarians approved the amendments to the Law On National Security that Zelensky brought forward, which means that foreign military are allowed in drills in Ukraine. DPR People’s Council deputy Alexander Kamyshov commented on this situation.

“In fact, passing this law will legitimize the existing situation. We are well aware that both some NATO specialists and full-fledged units have been present in Ukraine since 2014, they take part in drills and directly in combat operations.

NATO, as well as the West in general, have long felt like full masters in Ukraine. So this law is unlikely to radically affect the situation in Donbass. Zelensky just officially admits, and Rada supports him in this, that American military can do whatever they want in Ukraine.

The fact that Zelensky officially allows foreign military in the territory of Ukraine means that he is not going to fulfill the Minsk Agreements, he hopes his overseas handlers will help him settle the conflict in Donbass by force. However, the political experience of Ukrainian ex-President Poroshenko shows that those hopes are in vain,” Kamyshov stressed.