The policy of Zelensky’s new Cabinet of Ministers is no different from the previous one, Chief of the Donetsk Republic Public Movement’s Central Executive Committee Alexey Muratov stated.

“On the very first day of his premiership, the new chief of Ukraine’s Cabinet of Ministers Denis Shmygal had to pass a test in the skill vital for Ukrainian officials — political foxery.

Thus, during a TV talk show he claimed that the water supply to the Crimea was only a matter of responsibility to the people who live there, that it was unacceptable to cut off the water supply as it leads to a humanitarian disaster. However, after the broadcast, Shmygal immediately changed his own stance on social networks, explaining that the government would have supplied water to the Crimeans, but they could not do so until they regain control over the peninsula.

Presumably, the premier was explicitly told of the unacceptability of rhetoric that runs counter to the official one, so he had little choice but to make excuses for his own words by reversing them. Thus, he clearly demonstrated that the Ukrainian government considers its political goals to be much more important than humanism and universal values, welfare of citizens, which Kiev still considers its own.

On the other hand, nothing surprising has happened as Ukraine has been steadily materializing such policy for the last six years. The tragedies in Odessa and Mariupol, Crimea and the Donbass republics’ secession from the country, as well as the long-drawn armed confrontation, all stem from the unwillingness of right-wing radical militants, oligarchs and Western puppets, who came to power after the coup d’état, to listen and hear their fellow citizens.

The policy that Zelensky and the team of his “servants” pursue is no different in this regard. Despite the conciliatory rhetoric and peace-loving statements, Zelensky keeps on fulfilling the order of the Western handlers, which does not imply humanism or humanity, but only bleeding the impoverishing nation and the dying country for money,” Muratov emphasized.