On March 5, the United Donbass Fund’s commission held a regular meeting where they considered 665 applications from citizens who found themselves in a difficult life situation, Chair of the fund Oleg Balykin reported at today’s briefing in Donetsk on March 10.

“The commission approved 284 sets of documents, 381 applications were denied due to the impossibility of establishing the severity of the life situation from the documents provided, the application did not describe the difficult life situation and did not contain supporting documents,” the Chair informed.

5 meetings have been held this year, 845 applications approved. For all time of the work, 34 920 applications have been considered, of which 12 258 applications approved. As of March 5, assistance has been paid to 11,646 applicants.

“We would like to draw the applicants’ attention to the fact that there is untrue information about the activities of the United Donbass Fund disseminated on the Internet.

We would like to remind you that the Fund operates in accordance with the Procedure of providing financial assistance to the residents of Donbass who found themselves in a difficult life situation. Also, we emphasize that United Donbas is a self-sufficient organization and does not compete with other humanitarian missions. If you have any comments on its work, please contact the hotline of the Humanitarian Program For the Reunification of the People of Donbass,” Oleg Balykin added.