Since new president Zelensky came to power, the situation in Donbass has not improved, although the new ruler of Ukraine bills himself as a president of peace, member of the Free Donbass Public Movement, People’s Council MP Elena Shishkina stated.

“No matter how paradoxical this may sound, but since Zelensky came to power, the situation at the delimitation line has drastically escalated compared to Poroshenko’s term. The armed formations of Ukraine under the command of Zelensky are stepping up firing on the Republic, because of which people die, our citizens’ houses and infrastructure are destroyed.

You might ask who must be responsible for this and compensate for the damage? People’s Council deputies together with social activists explain to the citizens of the Donetsk People’s Republic that everyone who was affected by AFU attacks in Donbass has the right to get compensation for non-pecuniary and pecuniary damage from the guilty party, that is, Ukraine. There is a mechanism for filing lawsuits with the European Court of Human Rights.

Ukraine must be held accountable for its actions in Donbass, those responsible must not evade responsibility.

Appeals to the ECHR are an important mechanism in restoring the rights of citizens of Donbass. Ukraine, as a party to ratifying the European Convention on Human Rights, falls under the jurisdiction of the European Court, therefore is obliged to comply with decisions of this authority,” Elena Shishkina said.