Despite the pre-election promises, cannonade has not ended since Zelensky came to power, nor have civilian casualties. Kiev’s sabotage of the Minsk accords, Ukrainian politicians’ provocative and populist statements, as well as their hypocrisy, yet persist, Chairman of the Free Donbass Public Movement and Deputy Chair of the DPR People’s Council Committee for Criminal and Administrative Legislation Vladimir Medvedev stated.

“Starting 2014, people who came to power in Kiev as a result of the coup had been doing everything to create unbearable conditions of existence for the residents of the People’s Republics and wipe Donbass off the map. The genocide of civilians, ongoing bombardment, economic and transport blockade were designed to break the will of the Donbass people. However, thanks to the courage and spiritual strength, we not only withstood, but were rebuilding our state almost from scratch, developing the economy, continuing the integration with Russia.

Zelensky’s team, realizing they are losing on all fronts, have intensified their efforts in the information war: fakes, outright lies about the situation in Donbass. The new President of Ukraine, instead of starting to implement the clauses of the Complex of Measures, perseveres in his attempts to incite social tension in Donbass. However, I have no doubt that the residents of the Republics will honorably overcome this trial. Over the six years, we have acquired immunity from mass media jugglery of Kiev rulers. We do not believe a single word from the Ukrainian rulers and Zelensky in particular. And we will not turn away from the chosen path, from the integration with Russia,” Medvedev emphasized.