All Ukraine can do is brandish non-existent arms. The war has been ongoing for six years, and if Kiev could achieve something by force, it would have already happened, DPR People’s Council deputy Alexander Kurenkov stated.

“Today, Ukraine is losing the diplomatic war, keeps breaking its teeth in attempts to achieve something through provocations and sabotage on the contact line, imposes economic and transport blockades in violation of international law. The Republics has endured all of those with fortitude, and now there is nothing Kiev can do but waste air.

A major military strike on Donbass will end up with a lot of blood for Ukraine, and for the country’s leadership — with a loss in ratings and what’s left of the West’s economic and political support.

Today Zelensky has two options: either to accept our conditions and make every effort to implement the Minsk Agreements or to lead the situation into an extreme escalation, and then what will be will be. Sad thing is, he, judging by this rhetoric, favours the second option. This path leads only to heavy casualties and the disappearance of the State of Ukraine off from the world political map,” Alexander Kurenkov said.