Many citizens of the Republic wonder about economy matters. What indicators did the Republic have as of year-end 2019? Which industries or businesses did evince an increase in budget revenues? In an interview with a correspondent of the DPR Official Website, Minister of Revenue and Duties Evgeny Lavrenov sumps up 2019.

“2019 gave us an increase in budget revenue despite the fact that we tried to implement a loyal policy towards the businessmen, so we had certain concerns that this would significantly reduce tax revenue to the budget. Nevertheless, our repeated appeals to taxpayers had been heard and we collected five billion more rubles compared to 2018,” Evgeny Lavrenov informed.

He also noted that the budget revenue growth had taken place despite the complicated situation in the iron, steel and coal industries of the Republic.

“We have challenges in forming the economy of our heavy industry, metals industry in particular, because we lost raw material markets, our logistics chains changed. Therefore, the drawdown of the world market resulted in a significant stagnation here. This affected us harder than it affected the major world players.

Our real economy has increased by 17-19%, in particular small and medium businesses, thanks to the fact that we are gradually improving people’s welfare and living standards,” Evgeny Lavrenov said.