In Fall 2019, the DPR hosted the International Investment Forum. In an interview with a correspondent of the DPR Official Website, Minister for Revenue and Duties Evgeny Lavrenov speaks about the changes over the past six months in terms of investment.

“The investment forum was held to show the international community that we are making progress in terms of economy. Therefore, today it is too early to talk about any global final results of the investment forum. As part of this event, we discussed several matters: the wish of people worldwide to cooperate with the Donetsk People’s Republic and invest in the economy accordingly. We raised the issue of what the government needed to do to attract investments. And the third matter concerned the final result we could get.

Today, the government is taking systematic steps to create a favorable investment climate. There have already been some intermediate results. When our delegation was to Syria, we showed the achievements that the Syrian Arab Republic could put to use. We are currently negotiating on joint activities. Syria took interest in our 3D modelling for making prostheses.

We are also seriously expanding our market of what the Republic produces. Our trade balance for 2019 increased by 17 billion rubles.

We reckon that the positive trend will continue in 2020. The investment climate implies many factors, and first of all, depends on the ease of doing business in a particular territory,” Evgeny Lavrenov said.

The DPR Minister for Revenue and Duties also spoke about a set of necessary measures that form favorable conditions for investors.