The expert community and many politicians have repeatedly warned about the critical situation in the Ukrainian economy. As of late September 2019, Ukraine’s national and government-backed debt made 82.95 billion dollars, which is 45.3% of the projected GDP. The Ukrainian Finance Ministry is planning to pay the amount of 5.24bn dollars for 2020. This is an unbearable burden for Ukraine’s economy, DPR People’s Council deputy Roman Lepa stated.

“Now that the world is fighting the coronavirus pandemic, it is a convenient excuse for Zelensky and his team to declare a national bankruptcy to have all the debts written off. Alexander Dubinsky, a Verkhovna Rada MP, claimed that Ukraine is approaching a meltdown, in a bid to see how the western handlers would respond to such a statement.

It is safe to say that the IMF bodies, Soros Foundations and the structures under their control will do their best not to discharge the debts of Ukraine. It is not to that end that the state has been pushed into debt for so long to forgive it later. That is why the Western handlers will not let Zelensky and his team get the debts written off under the pretext of coronavirus. The Kiev regime will make every effort to divert the Ukrainians’ attention from the urgent problems by scandalizing about the pandemic. However, Zelensky’s inadequate reaction to the coronavirus will only exacerbate the contradictions in Ukrainian society, which may lead to a social fallout,” Roman Lepa said.