On Wednesday of March 18, Donetsk National University hosted the Trajectory of Growth discussion platform, where representatives of public authorities and scientific community discussed the conditions of formation of a new model of economic development of the Republic, the press service of the DPR Ministry of Economic Development reports.

Deputy Chairman of the DPR Government Vladimir Pashkov, DPR Minister of Economic Development Alexey Polovyan and Rector of DonNUET Svetlana Drozhzhina attended the event.

The leitmotif of the meeting was the discussion of the necessity to change the model of economic development, which will give the opportunity to change the existing raw materials model and to form the one that will allow making an innovative breakthrough in the economy.

“Solving the issues of industrial modernization, industrialization, ensuring innovative development depends on the availability of scientific and technical groundwork. Formation of a new economic model at the modern stage of social development is a strategic goal of many countries. Knowledge and scientific project play a primary role in this process and are the source of economic growth and competitiveness,” Alexey Polovyan noted.

The participants in the meeting decided that today it is necessary to mobilize scientific and research potential and innovation activities, and the relevant legislation should become the basis for this.

According to the speakers, the Republic has the necessary scientific and intellectual potential to build a new model of the economy, but for its implementation we should introduce a legal framework that will reduce personnel outflow and stimulate the initiative of postdoctoral researchers. Representatives of the authorities supported this idea, suggesting that research professors go forward with such an initiative to draw up a corresponding legal act.

We would like to remind you that the Trajectory of Growth discussion platform is designed to consolidate the efforts of the government and business, academia and social activists for identifying strategic priorities of social and economic development, as well as for working out optimal solutions to boost economic growth.