The response to any development should be adequate, including to such a phenomenon as a coronavirus pandemic. The requirement to ban planned surgical operations, proposed by Zelensky as a measure to counter the spread of infection, is simply inadequate, Сhairman of the DPR People’s Council Committee on Health, Maternal and Child Welfare Alexander Avdeyev stated.

“Cancellation of a planned operation can lead to grave consequences, and possibly to the patient’s death. President Zelensky infringes the primary right of Ukrainian citizens guaranteed by the Constitution — the right to life. You cannot save people from one disease and condemn them to death from another one.

An adequate response example may be considered the actions of the President of the Russian Federation, Vladimir Putin, who proposed increasing the payroll for primary health care workers, such as district physicians, general practitioners, pulmonologists, infectious disease specialists, anaesthetists, resuscitators, nurses, and paramedics. It is beyond one’s understanding why ordinary citizens should suffer as a result of the Ukrainian healthcare system collapse,” Alexander Avdeyev said.