Director of RosAgro OOO Vadim Skablyuk commented on the main results of the meeting with the participation of Head of the DPR Denis Pushilin and chiefs of some ministries and agencies. The meeting was devoted to the country’s food security, reports a correspondent of the DPR Official Website.

“The main issue that we discussed at today’s meeting concerned the development of agriculture. Our main task is to reduce the prime cost of agricultural products. To date, we have a series of activities planned, there are ways to address the issues. And I think that we are able to reduce the cost of not only meat, but also fodder, which will naturally lead to lower prices for meat and eggs,” Vadim Skablyuk said.

According to the company’s director, the domestic content in the production of broiler meat makes 50% at present. Marketable eggs: 90%, pig farming: 13%.

“As for the fodder, we are able not only to fully provide our region, but also tap into the Russian market with our fodder. We could do it even right now,” he noted.

“Our domestic producer can lower and keep the prices at the same level,” Vadim Skablyuk added.