The joint forces operation’s command conceals from OSCE monitors prohibited weapons deployed at the contact line and close by civilian objects, Deputy Commander of the Operational Command Colonel Eduard Basurin reported the details on March 20 at the briefing in Donetsk.

Out intelligence confirms that AFU units have deployed weapons and military equipment near residential buildings and municipal facilities in the territory under their control:

59th brigade deployed seven Strela-10 air defense systems and an anti-aircraft mount in Bakhmut;

58th separate motorized infantry brigade deployed nine self-propelled howitzers and three 82mm mortars, four MT-12 Rapira anti-tank guns, two Strela-10 air defense systems in Druzhkovka, and seven T-64 tanks in Konstantinovka;

92nd separate mechanized brigade deployed eight BTR-70s and two BMPs in Verkhnetoretskoye, two BTR-4s in Orlovka, three BTR-70s in Novobakhmutovka, seventeen BMPs in the urban-type village of Keramik, three BMP-1s near Nevelskoye and two BRDM-2s on the outskirts of Kamenka;

57th separate motorized infantry brigade deployed two BMP-1s in Galitsinovka, two BMPs and BRDM-2s near Netailovo, a BMP in a neighborhood of Karlovka;

28th separate mechanized brigade deployed two BRDM-2s near Krasnogorovka;

128th separate mountain assault brigade deployed one APC in the Nikolayevka area, five BMP-2s in Bogdanovka, one BRDM-2 in Kamenka, four Grad MLRSs in Peredovoye, four BMP-1s in Taramchuk, one BMP in the Berezovoye area, three BMPs in Starognatovka, one BMP in Chermalyk, three BMPs, two BRDM-2s and one BBM in Novoselovka-2;

10th separate mountain assault brigade deployed a Giatsint towed howitzer in Azovskoye, a BTR-70 in Pavlopol, four infantry fighting vehicles in the Pischevik area, three Shilka self-propelled antiaircraft guns and an IFV in Orlovskoye.

The deployment of banned weapons and military equipment of the AFU in residential areas is also reported by the OSCE SMM.