Zelensky repeatedly claimed that he would never have wanted to become president if he had not sought to achieve peace in Donbass. But we see that his words are at odds with his actions, and his pre-election promises of peace are worth nothing, Deputy Chair of the DPR Public Chamber Ekaterina Martyanova stated.

“The situation on the front has again escalated over the last few weeks. While the whole world is fighting the coronavirus, when any hostilities must be ended, the Ukrainian armed formations continue to prove their inhumanity. Yesterday, a child was wounded during the attack on the village of Gagarin Mine in the suburbs of Gorlovka.

If Mr. Zelensky really wanted peace in Donbass, then he could, as the Commander-in-Chief of the Ukrainian army, immediately stop the firing. And if the Ukrainian armed formations do not obey him, maybe it is necessary to impose stricter penalties and introduce criminal liability for violating paragraph 1 of the Complex of Measures for implementing the Minsk Agreements. But so far, Donbass is being shelled, and the Ukrainian government turns a blind eye to it, talking on the screens about peace initiatives,” Martyanova emphasized.