On the eve of the professional holiday, Day of Culture Worker, which is celebrated on March 25, Head of the DPR Denis Pushilin held a meeting with representatives of culture and art in the country. The Head of State highly appreciated the contribution of cultural workers to the development of the country and called them the pride of the DPR, a correspondent of the DPR Official Website reports on March 24.

“Dear workers of culture and art, allow me to congratulate you on the upcoming professional holiday!

I would like to note that culture in the Donetsk People’s Republic is alive no matter what. It is not only alive, it is what catches the eye of everyone who comes to us. This is what our guests see, and they certainly notice it. Therefore, in any dialogue, in any conversation with our guests, they always touch upon this topic. It has been possible thanks to you, because you do your best not only from the point of view of your professional calling, but because this is the cause of your whole life. I probably could not explain in a different way why, even in spite of the hostilities, the culture has not only survived, the culture has been multiplied and is on the increase. I will tell you that this is one of the most significant, if not the most significant pride of the Donetsk People’s Republic! I am very grateful to you for what you are doing personally and for teaching future generations as well. We also see it, notice it, and, of course, highly appreciate it.

You also have a huge responsibility this year, because it is the Year of the Great Victory. And here too, I am sure, we have all the prerequisites that we will celebrate it with our heads held high, the way it has become customary for us.

Once again, please accept and convey my warmest congratulations to all your colleagues. We will have the opportunity to evaluate the best of the best and present state awards, we will do everything for it. So I wish all of you and your colleagues all the warmest, kindest and, of course, peaceful skies overhead,” Denis Pushilin said.

During the meeting with the Head of the Republic, the representatives of the cultural sphere discussed issues of concern, expressed their wishes and recommendations related to the development of legislation in the field of culture, the need to support theater schools studios for children, folk art groups, libraries etc.