As of today, March 24, there have not been any confirmed cases of coronavirus infection in the Donetsk People’s Republic, DPR Minister of Health Olga Dolgoshapko stated.

“There are 71 people (4 of them children) under observation at health care facilities in inpatient isolation. Half the patients have been tested for coronavirus infection, the results turned out negative, the rest will be tested today and tomorrow.

There are 247 people under observation at home, of whom 202 were added yesterday. We have analyzed the situation and found out that the majority of people called our hotline and stated that they were self-isolated at home. This means that citizens understand the situation, listen to the information and agree to protect themselves in order not to infect others. This indicates a high level of consciousness and civic responsibility of our people,” the Health Minister said.

She also noted that all the citizens under observation are examined by neighborhood physicians, they check body temperature, patients inform their doctors about any changes in their health condition. If a disease evolves, patients are hospitalized in one of the hospital facilities in the Republic.

Olga Dolgoshapko also refuted rumors about the death of an elderly woman from an alleged coronavirus infection in the Republic Rehabilitation Center.

“Since early 2020, not a single person has died either in the Republic Rehabilitation Center or the Republic Center for Occupational Pathology and Rehabilitation. I urge citizens not to touch off panic but trust only official information. Yes, people could be down with either respiratory infections or the H1N1 flu, although the wave of this infection is on the wane,” the Health Minister stressed.

We remind that the hotline of the Ministry of Health continues to work in the Republic, you can contact it by calling a shot number 277 via Phoenix mobile communications provider or by landline phone (062) 303-27-72.

In case of first signs of any acute respiratory viral disease (body temperature, coughing, rhinorrhea, especially labored breathing) you must immediately call a health worker, who will come home to you. Depending on the symptoms, the doctor will decide whether to leave the patient for home treatment or hospitalize. Remember, self-medication can be harmful to your health!