Thanks to the joint efforts of the Donetsk Railway State Enterprise’s staff, the management of the Donbass Railways Trans-Border Concern, the DPR Ministry of Transport and the DPR Ministry of Health, no cases of the coronavirus have been registered among the railway workers or among passengers traveling by rail.

Given that the DPR Government has decided not to suspend railroad traffic, all the links of the Donetsk Railway have been brought into a high alert mode to ensure the safety of citizens’ transportation, the DPR Transport Ministry’s press service reports.

Extra disinfectants and personal protective gear have been urgently purchased. The rolling stock is daily treated with disinfectants. Conductors of passenger coaches are provided with a required amount of disinfectants per rail run for carrying out the treatment during railway operations and turn-around points.

Also, to prevent the spread of the virus at the Debaltsevo checkpoint (border with the LPR) and the Kvashino checkpoint (border with the Russian Federation), teams of medical personnel are on duty to examine passengers.

Recall that 4 passenger and 51 suburban trains offer scheduled service in the DPR currently.