10:10 – Krasnogorovka – Staromikhaylovka: 8 shots fired with BMP-2, large caliber machine guns and small arms used;

10:20 – Berezovoye – Yasnoye: sniper’s work detected;

10:45 – Peski – Donetsk (Volvo Centre): 4 shells fired with 82mm mortar.

During the repair-recovery works in Yasnoye, the armed formations of Ukraine opened sniper fire at the repair crew and DPR representatives to the JCCC, who were monitoring the situation during the work at the electrical substation.

A monitor from the Joint Center for Control and Coordination was wounded during the firing.

The enemy opened fire from the direction of Berezovoye despite the security guarantees provided earlier in writing. Moreover, the Ukrainian party to the JCCC was additionally notified of the beginning of the repair works via the OSCE SMM’s operational channel.

Note that the Mission’s mirror patrols were present in the area where the repair work was being carried out and they also witnessed the grossest violation by the AFU. We hope that this accident will be objectively documented in reports of the OSCE SMM.

Reported by the DPR Representative Office to the JCCC and negotiation process.