The DPR Representative Office to the JCCC informs that the number of violations by the AFU totaled 8 in the past 24 hours.

The following weapons were used against the DPR in violation of the Minsk Agreements and ceasefire arrangements:

Gorlovka front: RPG/SPG – 2 rounds; large-caliber firearms – 2 times; small arms – 2 times.

Donetsk front: 82mm mortar – 2 times (7 shells); ATGM – 1 rocket; APC/IFV – 1 time (8 shots); RPG/SPG – 3 rounds; large-caliber firearms – 1 time; sniper – 1 time; small arms – 2 times.

Dolomitnoye, Spartak, Donetsk (Volvo Center), Staromikhaylovka, Aleksandrovka and Yasnoye came under AFU fire.

Yesterday, a direct hit of an anti-tank guided missile resulted in damage to a two-storey residential building at 8A Chelyuskintsev Street, Aleksandrovka, (the second floor of the building and an outbuilding partly destroyed, glazing of all windows broken, the roof caught fire).

Also yesterday, during the repair work in Yasnoye, the armed formations of Ukraine opened sniper fire at the repair crew and DPR representatives to the JCCC. A monitor from the Joint Center for Control and Coordination suffered a gunshot wound to the right forearm during the firing.

Also, yesterday’s firing at Staromikhalovka resulted in damage to 4 residential buildings at the following addresses:

42 Kotsyubinskogo Street — an outbuilding damaged;
16 Zhukovskogo Street — direct hit to the roof;
17 Zhukovskogo Street — direct hit to the roof;
18 Zhukovskogo Street — the roof and facade damaged

The number of munitions fired by the AFU totaled 21.