Judging by military reports, the number of attacks on DPR territory by the AFU has increased significantly in March this year. Almost every day, frontline Gorlovka and the villages within the city are in the news. Mayor of Gorlovka Ivan Prikhodko spoke about the current situation in the city in an interview with a correspondent of the DPR Official Website.

“How can they scare people who have been living under shelling for six years? Of course, the situation with coronavirus is unpleasant. Yes, we have people under observation in Hospital 3 assigned by the Ministry of Health. This is a normal process, a normal course of time. Everything else in the city happens in the same regular mode as in any other city of the DPR. Everything is manageable and everything is under control.

Gorlovka, unfortunately, is the main provider of news about firing. And there is no end of it. We cannot talk only about March or February, the city comes under fire almost every day. And I don’t know what quarantine is in Ukraine, how the UN called on all conflicting parties to cease fire and do a peaceful settlement, but the Ukrainian side cares nothing for all that,” Ivan Prikhodko said.