As of today, April 7, five cases of COVID-19 infection confirmed by laboratory testing have been registered in the Donetsk People’s Republic, DPR Minister of Health Olga Dolgoshapko reported at the briefing in Donetsk.

“According to the Republican Center for Emergency Medical Aid and Disaster Medicine, 10 persons were put under observation over the past 24 hours, 6 of them were admitted to a hospital, and the rest are self-isolated at home. A total of 14,036 persons are under medical supervision. Of these, 169 — at an inpatient department, 13,867 — self-isolated at home (chiefly those who crossed the DPR border since March 27). 45 persons had fully recovered, were tested negative for СОVID-19 twice and discharged from the departments,” the Minister of Health noted.

Olga Dolgoshapko called on the residents of the Republic to maintain personal hygiene, follow the rules of home self-isolation and avoid mass gatherings, as the coronavirus infection is spread by airborne transmission, and take care of their relatives over the age of 65, provide them with sufficient food, medicines and items for personal hygiene so that they stay at home.

We remind that the Health Ministry’s hotline is operating in the Republic, it can be reached by short number 277 via the Phoenix mobile operator or by landline phone number (062) 303-27-72. The hotline received 1,260 calls for the past 24 hours.

Should the first signs of any acute viral respiratory illness occur, such as fever, cough, rhinitis, and, above all, shortness of breath, you must immediately request a doctor home visit. Depending on the symptoms, the doctor will decide whether to allow the patient to be treated at home or to admit him/her to a hospital. Remember, self-medication is dangerous for your health.