Vladimir Zelensky has once again demonstrated who the true master of Ukraine is and whose orders he is following. Discussing the conflict in Ukraine, US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo accused the Russian Federation of aggravating the humanitarian situation. This Washington-imposed rhetoric is consistently repeated by both the President of Ukraine and members of his team, DPR People’s Council deputy Vladislav Berdichevsky stated.

“Meanwhile, international organizations and the Normandy Format participants have repeatedly emphasized that the Minsk talks’ freezing lies wholly on the Ukrainian party. Kiev incessantly attempts to make Russia a party to the conflict, to relieve itself of all obligations and shift the blame for its crimes on someone else’s head.

This is an absolutely unproductive rhetoric that affects, among others, residents of the Ukraine-controlled territories. As long as Kiev dances to Washington’s tune, there is no possibility for a peaceful settlement of the conflict. After all, it is the United States that benefits from maintain hotbeds of tension in the territories neighbouring Russia. The US does not care about the interests of Ukrainians. Moreover, the more aggravated the situation in the country becomes, the bigger profit it will bring to Washington. After all, they can continue to blame Russia which remains the major geopolitical competitor of the United States,” Vladislav Berdichevsky said.