Kiev does not disguise its aggressive intentions against Donbass, Head of the Donetsk People’s Republic Denis Pushilin claimed during a conversation with RT.

Commenting on the words of Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dmitry Kuleba that the Ukrainian authorities intend to liquidate the administrative bodies of the People’s Republics during the regulation process, Denis Pushilin stressed that such “revelations” clearly demonstrate that “Kiev does not even try to disguise its aggressive intentions against Donbass.”

“If you look at such statements in combination with the combat escalation at the line of contact and their complete unwillingness to negotiate at the Minsk venue, then the conclusion becomes obvious: Kiev is already implementing the plans that fundamentally differ from the Complex of Measures,” the Head of the Republic said.

He noted that the latest actions of the Ukrainian party, in particular their refusal to enshrine the special status of Donbass in the Constitution, indicate that the Ukrainian authorities do not intend to fulfill the Minsk accords.

“The recent number of deaths and injuries caused by Ukrainian shells leaves no doubt about Kiev’s commitment to a forceful resolution of the conflict. That is why we now have the People’s Militia on full alert, we are ready to respond adequately to any action of Ukrainian armed forces,” Denis Pushilin claims.

The Head of the DPR is sure that Kiev will still have to negotiate with the Donbass republics regardless of its preferences.

“The global experience proves that parties to civil conflicts have to negotiate directly to settle them. The second party to the conflict is the republics of Donbass,” Denis Pushilin stressed.

According to him, Kiev is trying to distract attention from Ukraine’s failure to fulfill its commitments by making such statements.