Today, on June 1, Mayor of Donetsk Alexey Kulemzin laid flowers at the monument named Children of Donbass, which stands in the Alley of Angels, a correspondent of the DPR Official Website reports.

“Unfortunately, the war is not over yet in our land, children are suffering and dying. We will win the war for sure, and will be able to protect both children and adults.

Today we pay tribute to children who smile and continue to live, create, learn and achieve sports results, glorify their homeland with their successes despite the challenges of the childhood in wartime,” said the mayor.

For reference: the Alley of Angels is a memorial complex commemorating children who died when the armed forces of Ukraine bombarded peaceful towns of the Donetsk People’s Republic. The complex was laid in the Lenin Komsomol Municipal Park by putting up a memorial sign on May 5, 2015, the Children of Donbass Monument was erected on June 2, 2017.