On Thursday of June 25, Head of the Donetsk People’s Republic Denis Pushilin visited the Republic Trauma Center and talked with soldiers who have suffered severe wounds, the press service of the Administration of the Head of the DPR reports.

Three fighters of People’s Militia units were taken to the medical facility almost simultaneously. The stories of two of them are an example of real military valor and honor. One fighter, while evacuating his wounded fellow soldier, tripped a mine of the enemy, the second one suffered a serious wound during the shelling by the armed forces of Ukraine, being at a lookout position. In each case, doctors had to amputate the limbs. One of the fighters, unfortunately, lost both legs.

The Head of the DPR first of all asked about the health of the soldiers and assured them that they can always turn to him for help regarding all issues related to prosthetics.

“The most important thing is hold up! For all issues related to prosthetics and further rehabilitation, please contact us, we will help! I promise that I will personally provide assistance in all matters,” Denis Pushilin said.

In addition, the Head of State noted that he considers social protection of the military and their families a priority. Work is currently underway to amend a series of fundamental laws governing this area. The payment of pensions to the military is supposed to begin this year. The situation with the status of combat veteran is as follows: a list of armed units and forces has been drawn up, being whose member gives a person the grounds to claim the status. A mechanism for reviewing the applications is being drawn up, and sources of funding for the program and possible deadlines for its implementation are being determined.

In turn, the soldiers thanked Denis Pushilin for his attention and concern for their problems, as well as for the shared problems of all the military of the Republic.