Today, on June 26, Head of the Donetsk People’s Republic Denis Pushilin make an address to deputies of the People’s Council of the Donetsk People’s Republic of the II convocation. The Head of State gave this speech during the regular plenary meeting of the parliament, the press service of the DPR Head’s Administration reports.

“Dear Vladimir Anatolyevich, dear deputies of the People’s Council, I welcome you at the regular plenary meeting of the spring session 2020.

We are facing really ambitious tasks, and the speed of change for the better both in the Donetsk People’s Republic in general and in the lives of every citizen depends on how much you, the deputies, will contribute to their solution.

Public demand for improving the efficiency of management activities of public authorities, changes in the socio-economic sphere requires consistent and substantial work. In this regard, it is important that everyone concentrates their efforts and, first of all, you as lawmakers, so that all the goals can be successfully reached. For my part, I promise every possible support as always.

Our key to success is well-coordinated and result-oriented joint work and active cooperation of all state authorities, public figures and the citizens of our country. At that, when doing our job, we must always keep in mind our main goal, which is integration with Russia

Synchronizing the law system of the Donetsk People’s Republic with the Russian one plays a key role in this process. We must establish Russian standards in all the spheres of life of our society. How fast this important task will be fulfilled depends on the legislative pace you will take. Of course, the speed of fulfillment must not come at the expense of quality. It is also necessary to scrupulously take into account all the aspects in transitional provisions related to the peculiarities of the internal and external situation of our Republic.

Dear deputies, I would like to speak in detail about the problems that have been and are remaining a stumbling block on our path of improvement, as well as about the priorities that we face. These issues involve raising the living standards of our citizens and settling labor remuneration matters, fighting corruption, creating favorable conditions for the development of business and the economy in general.

The issues of establishing state guarantees of labor rights and freedoms of citizens, reducing the administrative influence on entrepreneurs, ensuring equal conditions for business entities require immediate contribution at the legislative level.

I especially want to draw your attention to the need of speedy resolution of military-related issues. Social protection of the military and members of their families is one of the priority areas of our activity. You are working on amendments to a series of fundamental laws regulating this sphere. I ask you to proceed as soon as possible with adoption of necessary and missing laws. You also need to focus on by-laws as well, it seems to be necessary. So that everything that is adopted at the lawmaking level can really work, not just remain beautiful slogans.

Work on development and modernization of the coal industry, protection of local producers, including lending, food security in the Republic remains a priority. Let us remember how the adopted draft laws that stimulate the process of improvement of the agricultural sector have allowed changing the situation in this critical area for the better.

But you need to be aware that this is only the beginning of the way. Yes, there have been positive moments, but it is still necessary to bring animal husbandry to the necessary and proper level in terms of legislative regulation, and a number of other things, after which we will be able to say that the food security of the Republic is ensured really in full.

I want to draw attention to another important part of your activity: work in circuits, dialogue with people, local assistance.

The flow of appeals from our citizens is not diminishing. The last call-in show alone, which recently took place, received about one and a half thousand appeals. And the bulk of them are to be settled by the administrations of cities, towns and districts or relevant agencies.

The problem lies in the fact that many officials do not cope with their duties, do not want to take responsibility, and many do not even understand for whose sake they work, that their official duty is to protect the rights and interests of the residents of the Republic.

We must work together to improve and enhance the quality of life of our citizens. If necessary, we must resort to law enforcement measures towards neglectful officials. People rely on us, and we must justify their trust.

I insist that you take my words as a call for action. Each of you is a representative of the people meant to protect the interests of your voters, our citizens. The above mentioned problems must be checked not only by the public, but also by you personally!

How fast problematic issues of the residents of the Republic are solved depends primarily on your concern for them, dear deputies.

I emphasize that by 2022 we must reach the standard of living of the Rostov region. Of course, the Government is working on this every day, and all social benefits, pensions, wages shall come at least to the level of the Rostov region. But the standard of living does not imply only these payments. It is necessary to create conditions for business that will contribute to the budget revenue, improve the quality of products and increase their competitiveness. People must get high wages, and employers must be interested in it.

It is necessary to introduce and guarantee all modern conditions for doing business, create financial instruments and opportunities, launch lending and lease programs, state support systems, grants, subsidies etc. The economy must work in such a way that any entity could increase its working capital, get support and guarantees. The situation in this regard is almost blank, so I draw your attention to the fact that work in this direction must be intensified.

Our common task is to find new sources for replenishment of the budget, create new taxation conditions, which will be convenient and easy for business, but at the same time will get the collectability to the required level. A successful state is the one that does not impose prohibitive or fiscal regulations, but instead determines optimal ways for sustainable growth of its citizens’ welfare. Then it is not profitable for anyone to break the law.

People must feel protected regardless of the situations that life brings. Therefore, we have to improve both the quality of healthcare and public utilities. All these tasks are shared, they require comprehensive response, including at the legislative level. The parliament will have to do painstaking and extensive work in this regard! Thank you for your attention, dear friends!” Denis Pushilin said.