On Saturday of June 27, by decision of the Head of the Donetsk People’s Republic, officers of the Ministry of Emergency Situations together with employees of the Ministry of Health, Ministry of Coal and Energy, as well as the Ministry of Internal Affairs deployed a medical camp. This was done to increase the capacity of the health system of the Republic. The hospital is deployed in the territory of the occupational diseases clinical hospital.

The camp is designed to provide medical examination to 55 citizens who arrived from the territory of Ukraine. At the moment it can receive 56 people with the possibility of increasing the bed capacity up to 100 people.

The hospital has a treatment and diagnosis zone, an administrative and economic zone, they operate 24 hours a day. It consists of 14 frame tents and pneumo-framed modules, the life sustenance system is comprised of available special equipment and facilities.

It is noteworthy that all premises and the surrounding area of the medical camp are disinfected in a mandatory manner.

The Ministry of Emergency Situations involved 29 units of equipment and 110 people to pitch the medical camp.