The Representative Office of the Donetsk People’s Republic to the JCCC reports that the number of violations by the AFU totaled six over the past 24 hours.

The following weapons were used against the DPR in violation of the Minsk agreements, as well as the ceasefire agreements.

  • Gorlovka front: RPG/SPG – one time (five rounds); small arms – one time.
  • Donetsk front: 82 mm mortars – three times (12 shells); RPG/SPG – three times (nine rounds); large-caliber firearms – one time.

Gorlovka (the village of Gagarin Mine), Zhabichevo, Donetsk (the village of Trudovskaya Mine), Aleksandrovka, Dokuchayevsk.

As previously reported, a residential building at 10 Shevchenko Street in Aleksandrovka caught fire during the attack by the AFU. An aged man was forced to take cover in the basement of the burning house because of the unceasing shooting. The fire was put out by locals.

In addition, the AFU yesterday opened fire at the village of Trudovskaya Mine by using 82mm mortars. Damage was registered in two houses at the addresses:

  • 39 Lugovskogo St. (windows);
  • 41 Lugovskogo St. (facade, windows).

A power line was damaged during the shelling, 36 residential users were left without power supply.

No civilian casualties were registered for the reporting period.

The AFU fired 26 items of ammunition in total.